Mainly used to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas at biogas stations; technology developed in cooperation with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Cleaning takes place in an adsorption apparatus with a fixed bed through which biogas is flowing. The adsorption is performed using impregnated activated carbon in the form of small-sized granules. The weight of the filling depends on the type of the adsorption apparatus.

SULOFF units can be also filled with a different type of activated carbon and used as a replacement for KS BD units in areas requiring the use of a large amount of AC.

  • Biogas stations
  • Apart from the installation of the SULOFF unit itself, we also offer a turnkey solution.
    This solution includes:
    • Expert assessment of the specific situation of the biogas station
    • Elaboration of complete project documentation
    • Proposal of biogas modification, installation of dehumidification, if necessary
    • Proposal of a suitable booster blower, if necessary
    • Subsequent professional interconnection of all equipment with the current biogas station, BMS
    • Provision of all revision tests, including pressure tests with the participation of TIČR
    • Use of provided photographs

Application outside biogas stations, references:

  • Supply of 2 SULOFF 1250 units for the exhaust of asphalt storage areas.
  • Turnkey delivery: solution proposal, elaboration of project documentation for a building permit, connection to the existing exhaust system, including delivery of fans, BMS

For questions about specific references or system suggestions, fill this formular, or contact us in person.