Special filter equipment and accessory equipment

Filtration units for recesses in pipelines, piling frames for pocket and HEPA filters, manometers for measuring pressure losses. Multistage filtration devices.

Filters into tubes

Photo: Safety box with contactless filter change

Safety box with contactless filter change

Description: The security cabinet with option a contactless exchange of filters KS BZV is stable hermetically sealed filtration equipment for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, medical and laboratory operations. Further to operations requiring biosafety in breeding facilities, nuclear power plants and others. The device allows contactless replacement of air filters. KS BZV version is supplied in an epoxy powder coated RAL 9010 or stainless steel AISI 3044. Filtration is designed according to the requirements of the project (M6 - U16).

Photo: Filter unit BK

Filter unit BK

The BK filtration units offer an ideal solution for filtering coarse or fine dust in pipelines of air handling systems of all types. The KS BK filter chambers are made of frame aluminium sections (framework) and their jacketing is made of zinc-coated steel sheet. They can also be supplied in the design for the outdoor environment.
Field of application: The inlet air into telecommunications central offices, hospital, pharmacy, electrotechnical plants, etc. The chambers in filtration class up to H13 are supplied in the case of high demands for cleanness and health care.

Photo: Filter unit NG

Filter unit NG

The channel filtration unit NG is made of zinc-coated or stainless steel sheet and is suitable for installing into pipelines of all types for the absolute filtration of the inlet or waste air. The NG filtration units are stable and are especially suitable for the areas into which it is necessary to supply approx. 12,000 m3/h of the absolute filtered air.
Field of application: The areas with very high demands for cleanness - medicine, laboratories, pharmaceutical production, CD production, fine optics, nuclear engineering, electrotechnical industry, automotive industry, and hospital sterile zones.

Photo: Dual-phase filters M6-F9

Dual-phase filters M6-F9

Two-phase combination of filters consists of the KS FP filter for dust particles and KS AFP adsorption filter for gases separation mounted together in the KS RS mounting frames designed for this purpose. The flange sides of both filter elements are put together and the filters are clamped together in the KS RS mounting frame.
Field of application: Separation of fine dust and air-borne dust particles, harmful pollutants in the air (anthropogenic substances), smog, ozone, exhaust fumes from combustion and compression-ignition engines, kerosene, petrol, alcohol, and diluter vapours. The elimination of putrefactive, body, civilisation, hospital, and food odours.


Accessories - storage frames

Photo: Seating frame RA

Seating frame RA

The KS RA mounting frames are made of zinc-coated sheet, the frame includes 4 clamps and seals. The filters are mounted easily and safely by their inserting and pressing the clamps to the microporous seal. The side assembly openings facilitate the assembly of the frame into filter walls.

Photo: Seating frame RS 120

Seating frame RS 120

The KS RS mounting frames are made of zinc-coated or stainless steel sheet. The frame includes 4 clamps pressing the filter elements to the integrated microporous seal.
Field of application: They are suitable for the installation in air conditioning units or openings in walls.


Desulfurizing unit SULOFF



Removal of sulfane (H2S) from biogas; technology developed in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague


Special filter units with multilevel filtration

Photo: KS special filter units with multilevel filtration

KS special filter units with multilevel filtration

Special filter units with the multistage filtration including the fan and other air handling components.
Field of application: Exhaustion of dust particles and harmful pollutants in the electrotechnical industry; Exhaustion and cleaning of the waste air in waste water treatment plants; Mobile exhaustion in nuclear power plants; Exhaustion from working sites in laboratories, hospitals, and microbiology; Pharmaceutical plants, airport terminal buildings; Exhaustion of harmful pollutants from working sites in the processing of plastics


Fresh Air SE significantly reduces dusts, visible smoke in the air and microbial populations in the air and on surfaces using the patented ActivePure technology.



Manometer 7030 with a sloping tube

range 0-500 Pa, with accessories


Manometer 1000

The "U" manometer with the range up to 1000 Pa (without accessories).


Manometer 2500

The "U" manometer with the range up to 2500 Pa supplied including accessories.


Manometer 5000

The circular manometer with the range up to 5000 Pa supplied including accessories.


Manometer 7102 with a U-tube

not produced

The plastic case contains a U-tube (acrylic) with a possible range of 0–500 Pa. The manometer is supplied without accessories.