Seating frame RS 120

Seating frame RS 120 Technical information (PDF 104 kB)

The KS RS mounting frames are made of zinc-coated or stainless steel sheet. The frame includes 4 clamps pressing the filter elements to the integrated microporous seal.

Field of application: They are suitable for the installation in air conditioning units or openings in walls.

Type KSRS 120
Supplied dimensions (mm)610 x 610 x 120
508 x 610 x 120
305 x 610 x 120
305 x 305 x 120
MaterialZinc-coated sheet, stainless steel on request
Use with filtersThe frames are used for mounting a pair of filters, e.g. the combination of pre-filters and after-filters with activated carbon KS FP, KS PAK, KS AFP, KS W, KS Z, and KS PL. A great solution for the producers of air conditioning units. The combination of filters, e.g. FP+AFP, W+PAK, FP+FP, and FP+PAK.
AdvantagesNew mounting of a pair of filters; Small structural depth; Easy mounting into air conditioning units; Suitable for filtration classes E10-E12, H13; Suitably combinable into large filter walls