Seating frame RA

Seating frame RA Technical information (PDF 82,3 kB)

The KS RA mounting frames are made of zinc-coated sheet, the frame includes 4 clamps and seals. The filters are mounted easily and safely by their inserting and pressing the clamps to the microporous seal. The side assembly openings facilitate the assembly of the frame into filter walls.

Supplied dimensions (mm)610 x 610 x 75 - 70
508 x 610 x 75 - 70
305 x 610 x 75 - 70
305 x 305 x 75 - 70
MaterialZinc-coated sheet, stainless steel on request
Use with filtersKS-PAK bag filters
KS-FP compact filers
KS-PL (25) frame filters
KS-W frame filters
KS-Z1 (25)
KS-AFP compact filters with activated carbon
AdvantagesEasy installation of the frames in air conditioning units of all types and assembly into filter walls. Perfectly tight fastening of the filters in the frame using 4 clamps. Filter automatic centring. The advantage of the KS RA frame is also a variable mounting and subsequent removal of filters from both sides, i.e. in or against the direction or of the air flow.