Research and development

The most important realized tasks of our development and designing department are as follows:

  • The series of filter chambers KS BK with pocket (compact) filters for fitting in the piping for the flow of 800 - 51.000 m³/hour.
  • Pocket filter KS PAK-CARB for retaining harmful gases and odours from the air.
  • Pocket filters KS PAK-AST for non-explosive environment (application in the paint shops and SNV environment).
  • Filter system for collecting the radioactive methyl-iodide.
  • Special surface frame filter G2 for fitting in the under-window units.
  • The series of compact filter units KS BD with two-level filtration for retaining the gaseous harmful substances for the flows 700 - 3.600 m³/hour.
  • Weaving frame filters KS-PR with the replaceable filter medium, in the filtration classes G2 - F7.
  • High capacity filter cartridges KS KOPA-BIG with the active carbon filling for retaining organic hydrocarbons (paint shops outlets).
  • Stationary adsorbing unit with automatic regulation for removing sulfane (H2S) from biogas. The unique technology developed in cooperation with VŠCHT Praha and successfully introduced at ČOV (for co-generation technologies).
  • High temperature filters KS-GTA for the temperatures 200 °C - fitting in driers and burning ovens.
  • Special depository frame for multistage filtration fixing - usable in new air conditioning systems Janka-Senátor.
  • Compact filter unit with fan and multistage filtration incl. HEPA H13 filters - usable especially in the food industry.