Research and development

The most important realized tasks of our development and designing department are as follows:

  • The series of filter chambers KS BK with pocket (compact) filters for fitting in the piping for the flow of 800 - 51.000 m³/hour.
  • Pocket filter KS PAK-CARB for retaining harmful gases and odours from the air.
  • Pocket filters KS PAK-AST for non-explosive environment (application in the paint shops and SNV environment).
  • Filter system for collecting the radioactive methyl-iodide.
  • Special surface frame filter G2 for fitting in the under-window units.
  • The series of compact filter units KS BD with two-level filtration for retaining the gaseous harmful substances for the flows 700 - 3.600 m³/hour.
  • Weaving frame filters KS-PR with the replaceable filter medium, in the filtration classes G2 - F7.
  • High capacity filter cartridges KS KOPA-BIG with the active carbon filling for retaining organic hydrocarbons (paint shops outlets).
  • Stationary adsorbing unit with automatic regulation for removing sulfane (H2S) from biogas. The unique technology developed in cooperation with VŠCHT Praha and successfully introduced at ČOV (for co-generation technologies).
  • High temperature filters KS-GTA for the temperatures 200 °C - fitting in driers and burning ovens.
  • Special depository frame for multistage filtration fixing - usable in new air conditioning systems Janka-Senátor.
  • Compact filter unit with fan and multistage filtration incl. HEPA H13 filters - usable especially in the food industry.

Main research task for 2012/2013

Specialists in KS Klima-Service, a.s., have developed within the last several years important filters and filtration devices that were successfully introduced to the Czech and foreign markets. These include namely the compact filters KS FP-V3, which in the future will be great replacements of pocket filters. In addition, we also introduced new types of house filtration units KS NICE AIR with two-stage filtration, as well as the filtration system for the collection of micro-participles and gaseous participles from nuclear plants, adsorption device SULOFF for removal of sulfide from biogas, frame filters KS MPP F6-F9, fitting frames KS RS 120.

For the following period, we will focus on developing new highly effective filters with low initial pressure loss and on the application of new synthetic materials during the production of modern pocket filters. At the same time, our research center will focus on the output product of our new automated pocket machine for pocket filters, in order to ensure maximum utilization of the conic shape potential and of the absorption capacity of the filter with regards to the lowest possible pressure loss.

The following equipment forms an integral part of our research center – track for measuring parameters of air filters. This track was constructed in order to speed up the research of our new products and ensure precise technical background documentation for our products. The whole track, its size, length and documentation for placing measuring elements were determined according to standards ISO 5801 and EN 779.

Our center is also equipped with a defectscopy station for HEPA filters, where filters with high filtration levels H13-U17 are tested – oil thread leak test according to EN 1822-4, supplement A. These filters are used in environments with high demands on the air cleanliness, e.g. in the operating room. This test helps detect even the smallest defects of the filter.

The newest equipment will be the testing device ULPACATS for the acceptance test of finished filters according to EN 1822.