Quality policy and environmental policy of TROX KS Filter a.s.

  1. Our deliveries must fully and completely meet the contractual requirements and discussed expectations of the customer:
    • Study the requirements of the customer in detail and in complexity when inspecting the contract
    • Answer all questions and doubts early and clearly when inspecting the contract
    • Enter all requirements of the customer precisely into the production documentation
    • Keep agreed deadlines and if their keeping is endangered, discuss and solve the situation with the customer as soon as possible
  2. The customer can always count on the quality and reliability of our products:
    • Follow written procedures and regulations
    • Inspect products in accordance with production and inspection plans
    • Use calibrated and verified meters
    • Actively solve quality issues on all management levels
    • Work with zero errors
    • Check own work and consider each following employee as your "customer"
    • Mutually and effectively exchange information between departments and individual employees
  3. Education and technical skills are the main values of our employees:
    • Know technical regulations and technological procedures perfectly
    • Always expand your knowledge in the area of filtration materials and technologies and apply it in practice
    • Improve the managerial and language skills
    • Personal engagement in the continuous improvement of the integrated management system (IMS)
  4. In order to realize the goals determined by the top management of TROX KS Filter a.s., we have updated the quality management system to IMS, which is directed namely at the prevention of disagreements, starting from the inspection of the contract up to the expedition of products and services, measuring the process efficiency and ensuring feedback to evaluate the customer satisfaction and achieve improvement of processes. The focus with regards to the environment is described in the environmental policy. The integrated management system is implemented in accordance with requirements stipulated in ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 and its implementation and efficiency is constantly monitored by the top management.
  5. In order to ensure the functionality of the integrated management system, the top management of TROX KS Filter a.s., fully commits to:
    • Ensure the required financial, material and personnel conditions, work environment and organizational conditions
    • Ensure necessary education and qualification of all employees
    • Provide efficient help during the training, practice and education so that all employees are able to meet the requirements of this policy
  6. This policy is binding for all employees of TROX KS Filter a.s. and is communicated clearly within the whole company. The management shall provide efficient help during training in situations where it is indicated to ensure the adherence to this policy.

The company management is aware of the necessity to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system, and therefore creates conditions for identification of processes within the company and manages and applies processes required to achieve the planned results. Meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of the integrated management system efficiency is a permanent obligation of the company management.

The top management of TROX KS Filter a.s., declares that the integrated management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 is functionally implemented in TROX KS Filter a.s., and is governed by the Guidelines for the Integrated Management System.

Environmental policy of TROX KS Filter a.s.

Joint-stock company TROX KS Filter a.s. is the manufacturer and supplier of air filters for air conditioning and ventilation in filtration classes G2 - U17. Protection and creation of the environment, creation of healthy and safe working conditions for its employees and continuous improvement, including pollution prevention, are some of the highest priorities of the company. In order to meet these goals, the management of TROX KS Filter a.s., implements these measures:

  • Based on regular assessment of the environment pollution, suitable measures to permanently reduce the load on the environment are determined.
  • During all activities performed by the company, measures are taken to limit the creation of wastes and reduce the energy consumption.
  • Rigorous prevention is used in order to prevent accidents and situations, which could have negative effect on the environment and health of employees.
  • During all activities related to the realization of products provided by the company, all valid legal regulations related to the environment shall be observed.
  • Legal regulations related to the protection of the environment will be elaborated into the internal documentation, assigning the responsibility of individual employees and monitoring that the regulations are being observed.
  • When selecting suppliers of materials, goods or services, the qualification of supplier with regards to the environmental protection shall be taken into account.
  • All employees are periodically trained and educated on the requirements regarding the environmental protection.
  • The top management commits to observe all legal and other requirements relevant for TROX KS Filter a.s.
  • The top management commits to always improve all processes and activities.