Pocket filter KS PAK 98

Pocket filter KS PAK 98 Technical information (PDF 53,5 kB)

Modern filter medium of synthetic fibres placed in sewn pockets enables the fabrication of pocket filters with long service life at optimal pressure losses and low energy costs. The filters in the workmanship with plastic frame and wooden separators are fully burnable.

Technical data according to EN 779PAK 98
Filtration classF9
MaterialSynthetic fibre - polypropylene
Possibility of regenerationNo
Supplied dimensions (mm)EURO standard line or custom-made
Rated airflow amount m³/hour3 400
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)99
Mean value of efficiency E (%)95 ≤ Em
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)140
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)300
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)100/(75 - plastic frame)
Pocket depth (mm)635

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram