New floor filter for paint rooms – VS LAK

In cooperation with a foreign manufacturer of filtration media made of glass fibers, we introduce the new VL LAK filter. The VS LAK filter is an ideal solution for paint rooms and spraying boxes used as the first filtration level (floor filter) to separate the over-sprays and color fogs with water-soluble and polyurethane colors.

Filter characteristics and implementation possibilities in paint rooms:

The filter consists of a filtration medium made of glass fibers, which are irregularly stored and have high elasticity and low compressibility. This unique elastically structured medium enables high absorption capacity of the filter and supports operational safety of implemented filters. The medium also contains a special binding agent, which can bind over-sprayed colors with water content. The binding agent does not contain any substances that could interfere with the wetting process. Distinct purple color of the medium marks the “dirty air” side, i.e. the suction side. The filter must be fitted correctly in this way.


The VS LAK filter is usually equipped as the first filtration level and collects aerosols of color over-sprays (so-called color fog), including dry color or paint participles. The medium is fitted either to pre-prepared metal frames at the user’s place, in which case we prepare custom-made material rolls and blocks, or we supply frame filters in plastic (galvanized) design with replaceable medium (see picture). Sizes of frame filters can be also adjusted according to the paint room requirements. Both ways are very efficient and enable flexibility and fast replacement of saturated medium for a new one.


By using the VS LAK filter, the contamination of suction channels and exhaust pipes can be prevented, which significantly increases the operational safety of the painting line or box.

Disposal of used filters: we provide ecological disposal of used filters, depending on the separated substances.

Main implementation areas: Paint rooms, paint lines and spaying boxes in the car industry or car repair shops, painting boxes in the furniture industry, special industrial paint shops.

Technical specification of the mediumVS LAK filter
Separability according to EN 779G3, 98%
Medium heat resistance Up to 120 °C
Medium thickness3" (approx. 7 – 8 cm)
Supplied sizes roles 1 x 20 m, 2 x 20 m, 0,75 x 20 m
Any blocks according to customer’s requirements
Replaceable plastic (galv.) frameSizes based on requirements, always includes medium blocks
Filtration medium is SILICONE FREE

Pressure loss diagram