Major activities

The development, production and supply of air filters for atmospheric dust in the following assortment:

  • pocket filters of the filtration classes G3-F9
  • filter media in rolls and various boards G3 - F7
  • filter media and special filters for paint shops and spraying boxes
  • frame filters from synthetic and glass fibres
  • frame filters KS-PR with replaceable filer medium, G2-F7
  • antistatic filters KS-PAK-AST with a certificate
  • frame filters for retaining gaseous harmful substances KS CARB
  • compact filters KS-FP for high flows F6 - H12
  • two-phase filter combination for separating of fine dust and harmful gases
  • compact filters for gas turbines
  • HEPA and ULPA filters for micro-particles in filtration classes H10 - U17
  • metal filter elements for separating of grease and oil fog
  • wire and surface filters for air-conditioning units
  • adsorption filters with active carbon
  • filter units into the pipes
  • active carbon (impregnated, non-impregnated) for retaining harmful substances from air

Supplies and assembly of:

  • end elements for clean areas
  • pressure inlet ceilings for clean areas
  • special multilevel filter equipment
  • manometers for measuring the pressure loss at filters
  • air-conditioning equipment including the project documentation, adjustment and installation
  • authorized representation of the company SPX Air Treatment: Filtration Group


  • complete reconstruction of the filter systems and filter sections of air-conditioning units
  • reconstruction of the filter systems of paint shops and spraying boxes
  • optimalization at the reconstruction of the air-conditioning and cooling equipment

Providing service works:

  • replacing filters at the customer
  • cleaning the filtering and ventilating chambers
  • fitting the units with new filters
  • disposal and ecological liquidation of used filters
  • handling harmful waste
  • reactivating the saturated active carbon
  • replacement of active carbon in all filter systems
  • contractual maintenance and services in clean areas, validation, authorized measuring of the area cleanness by laser counter of particles
  • deliveries of products using own means of transport
  • contractual service and regular maintenance of air-conditioning