Laminar ceilings

The inlet pressure ceilings with laminar flow meet the highest health and technical demands, including the filtration (E12-U16) and distribution demands for the air inlet into clean rooms. They can be supplied with basic ceiling lighting.

This type of comfort ceiling, used primarily in operating rooms, utilizes a lower air flow rate (0.20–0.25 m/s), which is important for the comfortable work of doctors working in the laminar area.

Uses: Clean rooms – operating rooms, pharmacy, microelectronics, fine optics.

Technical data according to EN 1822 Inlet pressure ceilings with laminar flow
Filtration class E12-U16
Absolute filters used Ultrafilters N, Micro S, CR-AS, CR-AL
Delivery options according to requirements
End outlets used A double laminar flow diffuser from a special fine micro-fabric creates the laminar discharge flow under the whole ceiling.

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