KS special filter units with multilevel filtration

KS special filter units with multilevel filtration Technical information (PDF 90,7 kB)

The basis of the unit is a frame structure made of aluminium sections. The jacketing can be single or double with insulation. The standard material is zinc-coated sheet; on request, stainless steel or powder coating finish. The chambers can be equipped with the multistage filtration, e.g. G4, F7, and activated carbon, or G4, F9, and HEPA filters. The fan including the stepless speed control is supplied on request. The units are also supplied as mobile, as well as with the modification for the outdoor use.

Special filter units with the multistage filtration including the fan and other air handling components
- Mobile equipment
- Hygienic design
- Stainless, powder coating
- Design for the explosive environment

Field of application:
- Exhaustion of dust particles and harmful pollutants in the electrotechnical industry
- Exhaustion and cleaning of the waste air in waste water treatment plants
- Mobile exhaustion in nuclear power plants
- Exhaustion from working sites in laboratories, hospitals, and microbiology
- Pharmaceutical plants, airport terminal buildings
- Exhaustion of harmful pollutants from working sites in the processing of plastics