KS MPS Panel filters

KS MPS Panel filters Technical information (PDF 1,9 MB)

KS MPS panel filters range from filtration classes M6 to F9 according to EN 779 and are made from a glass sub-micron filtration media that is used as a primary or secondary filtration in air-conditioning systems.

KS MPS filter type96/696/796/9
Filtration class dle EN 779:2012M6F7F9
Efficiency Em (%) dle EN 779:201260-8080-90>95
Nominal air flow rate for dimensions 592 × 592 × 96 mm3400m3/h3400m3/h3400m3/h
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)107137 165
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)300300300
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)707070

Pressure loss diagram