KS Glas C

KS Glas C Technical information (PDF 48,2 kB)

The Glas C filter medium is made of glass fibres and has a high thermal resistance of up to 190 °C. On the side of clean air, it has a special protecting layer. The special medium Glas 300 is made of glass fibres with a thermal resistance of up to 300 °C.

Field of application: Glas C is used for separating fine dust in drying equipment and calcining ovens. Glas 300 is used in the production of filters in drying and calcining equipment in the automotive industry.
Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Technical data according to EN 779Glas CGlas 300
Filtration classM6G4
MaterialGlass fibre
Possibility of regenerationNo
Supply of material Rolls, cut-to-size elements
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)->90
Efficiency Em (%)60-80-
Nominal air flow rate m³/hour/m²25003400
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)17080
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)300200
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)200300

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram