KS Glas 1", KS Glas 2"

KS Glas 1", KS Glas 2" Technical information (PDF 50,7 kB)

The KS Glas 1" and 2" filter medium consists of twisted elastic glass fibres arranged at random and at a contact point fixed with a special plastic. In order to achieve a better binding and separation of particles, the medium is saturated with a not harmful dust-binding agent.

Field of application: They are used as pre-filters in air conditioning and ventilation units, especially for the adsorption of coarse dust particles in industrial facilities, warehouses, and factory buildings.
Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Technical data according to EN 779Glas 1"Glas 2"
Filtration classG2G3
MaterialGlass fibre
Possibility of regenerationNo
Supply of material Rolls, cut-to-size elements
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)65-8080-90
Nominal air flow rate m³/hour/m²34003400
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)1520
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)200200
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)8080

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram