KS EXTENSIONS FOR CLEAN ROOMS Technical information (PDF 8,4 MB)

The KS Filtrasept end adapters are air outlets equipped with integrated absolute filters for microparticles. The outlets serve for the filtration and distribution of air. Microparticles, bacteria, and viruses are separated immediately before the entering of air into the clean areas. The adapters are supplied as ceiling and wall-mounted.

Field of application: Clean areas - pharmacy, medicine, laboratories, microelectrotechnics, microbiology, nuclear engineering, etc.

Technical data according to EN 1822KS EXTENSIONS FOR CLEAN ROOMS
Filtration classE11-H14
Absolute filters used KS BESTFIL, CR-VS
Supply of material 9 sizes with possible multiple combinations
End outlets usedPerforated sheet, diffuser, and whirl outlet.
QualityAs standard, the ultrafilters in filtration classes H13 and U15 undergo the oil mist seepage test according to DIN 24184. The computer-controlled test of the filter medium ULPACATS is made to order.