KS BD units

They represent an operational solution for separating harmful gaseous substances from natural or waste air. The units are made of aluminium frame sections, the jacketing is made of zinc-coated sheet metal. As standard, they are equipped with two-stage filtration: stage 1 = F7 pocket filters for filtering fine dust particles, stage 2 = KS KOPA filter cartridges. The KS KOPA, KS BD filtration system is recommended and approved by ČIŽP Praha. Also available in atypical designs according to customer requirements.

Exhaust equipment in paint shops, removal of odours from kitchens and barbecue grills, adsorption of kerosene in airport terminal buildings, welding exhaust equipment, adsorption of harmful substances from soldering.


  • filtration of kerosene from a helicopter, hospital laboratories, kerosene vapours from landing helicopters were affecting the laboratory results, problem solved by installing the unit,
  • Wastewater treatment plant – Ulaanbaatar airport, 4-stage Unit in PVC,
  • Filtration of an apartment house, 3-stage, according to investor requirements, chamber for collecting odours and fumes from cars, impregnated activated carbon
  • Restaurant exhausts
  • Filtration of vapours and odour from laser cutting
  • Filtration of “trdelník” production in an apartment house

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