KS - BD Technical information (PDF 98,2 kB)

The units provide an operational solution for separating gaseous harmful pollutants from the natural or waste air. The units are made of aluminium frame sections, the jacketing is made of zinc-coated sheet. As standard, they are equipped with the two-stage filtration: 1st stage = F7 bag filters for filtering fine dust particles, 2nd stage = KS KOPA filter cartridges. The KS KOPA, KS BD filter system is recommended and approved by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate Prague.

Field of application: Exhaust equipment in paint shops, removal of odours from kitchens and barbecue grills, adsorption of kerosene in airport terminal buildings, welding operations exhaust equipment, and adsorption of harmful pollutants from soldering.

Technical data according to EN 779KS BD
Dimensions seriesKS BD 4 - 192 (700 - 36 000 m3/h.)
Possibility of regenerationF7 bag filters - no, activated carbon in filter cartridges - yes (thermal reactivation), impregnated activated carbon cannot be reactivated - must be replaced with a new one.
Examples of the adsorption, separation of harmful pollutantsMeat production odours, formaldehyde odour, organic substances, styrene, diluter and solvent vapours, and harmful pollutants from welding operations.
Used active carbonNon-impregnated and high quality granulated activated carbon; on request, also impregnated activated carbon.