Industrial ceilings

Inlet pressure ceilings with laminar flow meet the highest health and technical demands, including the filtration (G3-U16) and distribution demands for the air inlet into clean rooms. They can be supplied with basic ceiling lighting.

This type of inlet ceiling can utilize a higher inlet air flow rate (up to 0.60 m/s), which creates a sufficiently strong air curtain even in large halls and paint shops, where operator comfort is less important than maintaining the perfect cleanliness of the flowing air.

Uses: Clean rooms – paint shops, research facilities, pharmacy, microelectronics, fine optics, filling machines for food industry and many others.

Technical data according to EN 1822 Inlet pressure ceilings with laminar flow
Filtration class G3-U16
Absolute filters used Ultrafilters N, Micro S, CR-AS, CR-AL, cut-to-size material in G3-M6 classes
Delivery options according to requirements
End outlets used Laminarizer made of special fine micro-fabric creating laminar discharge flow under the whole ceiling, perforated metal sheet or, for lower cleanliness classes, special filter plates.


  • Supply of clean air to a paint shop
  • Filtration ceilings 4x2 m
  • Filtration class G4

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