Technical information (PDF 71 kB)

Benefits and technical parameters
  • high adsorption capacity > 95 %
  • low pressure losses – energy costs savings, possibility of retrofitting
  • filtration of fine dust particles and elimination of odours in one phase
  • flow rate of 100 m3/h to 1000 m3/h
  • unit design:
    • without fan
    • with fan and speed controller
  • possibility of connection to an existing HVAC system
  • dimensional unit range according to requirements
  • unit's filter designed in an all-plastic frame
  • the 25mm filter can be fitted in standard mounting frames in rails
Fields of application: Collection of dust and odours from the air in the following areas:
  • family houses
  • electronic industry
  • airports
  • hotels, restaurants
  • administrative buildings
  • museums, libraries
  • hospitals

It is a brand new system of a small adsorption unit for the collection of fine dust particles, organics, aromatic hydrocarbons, smog, exhaust gases, body, civilisation, cosmetic and cigarette odours and many other gaseous contaminants. The compact unit belongs among low-energy filters.