Technical information (PDF 178 kB)

Benefits and technical parameters
  • High adsorption capacity > 95 %
  • low pressure losses – energy costs savings, possibility of retrofitting
  • filtration of fine dust particles and elimination of odours in one phase
  • no dust drift – almost no release and desorption of adsorbed gases
  • fixed plastic frame for installation into the standard structure for a pocket filter
  • low weight – easy handling
  • seamless disposal – fully combustible
  • dimensional range – as required (H × W up to 610 mm)

Panel filter KS WA – new adsorption filter with pre-filtration. It is a brand new filter with a folded medium containing activated carbon for the adsorption of organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), DOP, BHT, silicone, MEK, EL, PGME, THFA, exhaust gases of combustion and diesel engines, asphalt vapours, tar vapours, kerosene vapours, benzine vapours, vapours from solvents, e.g. from paints and varnishes, vapours from glues, rubber and cleaning agents, air pollutants (so-called anthropogenic agents), smog, ozone, body, civilisation, cosmetic and cigarette odours, hospital, alcohol and antiseptic odours, odours from kitchens and foodstuffs, putrid odours and many other gaseous pollutants. This filter has a very low initial pressure loss. The pressure loss is 10 Pa at a flow rate of 100 m3/h and 30 Pa at a flow rate of 500 m3/h. That is why the filter belongs among low-energy filters.