• Based on the results of the supply audit implemented by the ČEZ, a.s. Company on 11-12.6. 2014, in the course of which the range of application of customer requirements and of other requirements in accordance with Decree No. 132/2008 Coll. was examined on the basis of selected examples of safety significant contracts, the KS Klima-Service, a.s. Company was granted permission that is valid until the 30th June 2017 to provide supplies to the ČEZ, a.s. Group. PDF
  • 21-22.5.2014 Employees of the KS Company attended the 21st annual International Expert Conference entitled “Air-Conditioning and Ventilation”. The participation was enhanced by a scientific article related to the subject of microparticles and clean rooms that was published in the conference proceedings, including the advertising and the presentation of the product at the Conference.

  • 12th - 15th February 2013 KS Klima-Service successfully presented at international Aquatherm International Fair 2013 in Nitra. Our stand was visited by many existing foreign and domestic customers and we managed to establish cooperation with several potential new customers.

  • January – in January 2012 we put into operation our new automatic sewing machine for sewing conic pockets. Automatic sewing machine KSL970 is a huge technological development in the production of pocket filters in all filtration classes in synthetic or glass-fiber design. The technology automatically makes a cone-shaped pocket from the filtration medium, including stitching and sealing. This shape uses 100% of the filtration area and reduces the initial pressure loss of the pocket filter. PDF
  • In spring 2012 we launched a new operation with the activated carbon in the industrial zone Prachanda, Dobříš.
    At the beginning of July 2012 we realized a significant delivery of emergency filtration unit NFJ KS BD-8000/RKJ for the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany, Block 3. It has become an important part of the safety equipment of the air conditioning system in the power plant.

  • On 28 June 2011 new version KS websites was started.
  • On 3 – 6 October 2011 KS Kilma-Service, a.s. successfully passed a re-certification audit of the quality and environment management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005. PDF
  • In December 2011 we opened new operation and logistic premises in the industrial zone Dobříš – Prachanda. New filling workplace and handling workplace for activated carbon, equipped with modern technologies and high-power suction system with filtration, were put into operation in the reconstructed production hall. We managed to significantly reduce pollution limits at the workplace.

  • Based on the results of a supplier audit performed on 22 – 23 June 2010 by ČEZ, a.s., which verified the scope of application of customer requirements and requirements stipulated in the Regulation No. 132/2008 Coll. on selected samples with high safety priority, the supplier license of KS Klima-Service, a.s. for ČEZ, a.s., was extended until 23 June 2013. PDF
  • On 3 – 4 February 2010, KS employees attended 19th Air-conditioning and Ventilation Conference. The attendance was supported by the publishing of an expert article in the conference proceedings, including the promotion and presentation of products on the conference. PDF
  • On 10 – 11 March 2010 KS presented its products on the 36th Project and Practice of the Surface Treatments Conference.
  • On 26 – 27 October 2010 documentation was revised according to the new standard ISO 9001:2008. Issuing a new certificate according to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2001 was recommended. PDF

  • 2009 Successful recertification audit of the quality management system and the environmental management according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005

  • The application of new technologies in production

  • Completion of the industrial zone of SO5. Emergence of new storage and production areas

  • Successful recertification audit of the quality management system according to the new standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001
  • Obtaining of the certificate of the environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005


  • Expansion of the production area to 2,000 m²
  • Expansion of the storage area to 3,000 m²
  • Investments in new production technologies
  • Completion of the development of new filter systems for the separation of gaseous harmful pollutants and microparticles

  • Acquisition of the Quality certificate from the company ČEZ a.s.
  • Supplies of special filter systems for energy industry
  • Continuing intensive reconstruction of the working areas with the view to integrating of the existing production plants till the end of 2003
  • Permanent increasing the quality of services offered to our customers

  • Successful passing of the non-certification audit of the quality management system according the new standard ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2001
  • Launching a new progressive filter unit KS C-CELL with extremely resistive filter composite on the polypropylene base
  • Gaining a bigger share of the market in the area of HEPA and ULPA filters and other components for clean areas
  • Establishing a dealership in Poland
  • Plan for 2003 - completing the construction of the new production plant and moving the existing running into the new premises

  • 20% increasing of the company's turnover by year
  • Ceremonial opening of customer and lecture centre
  • Construction of Showroom with the complete range of air filters and components for clean areas.
  • Finalisation of infrastructure reconstruction in the precinct of Náměstí Svobody
  • Conclusion of the contract of exclusive agency of the company McLeod Russel a.g. (LUWA) for distribution and assembly of components and compressive laminar ceilings for clean areas for the Czech Rep. and Slovak Rep.

  • Finalisation of reconstruction and construction of new administrative and manufacturing buildings in the industrial zone of Jezírko Dobříš.
  • Finalisation of construction of the central storehouse of filtration materials.
  • Enlargement of metal production shop, activated carbon shop, sewing of pocket filters.
  • Obtaining the certificate of the research institute VÚ Ostrava - Radvanice for antistatic pocket filter KS-AST.
  • Prompt placing new products on the market: filtration chambers KS BK, frame filters KS PR.
  • Successful defence of inspection audit in the system of quality control ISO 9001 (LRQA).
  • Taking on new subject of activity - dangerous waste handling and treatment (license trade) - foundation of eco storehouse for the receipt and distribution of used filters for their disposal.

  • Renovation and enlargement of workshops:
    • metal production
    • sewing of pocket filters
  • Building new expedition warehouse.
  • Establishment of the export department of the company.
  • Obtaining another part of export order for the supply of filters and filtration media for the lines of surface finish in Sudan - as a part of general contract of ASO HUMPOLEC a.s.
  • Considerable strengthening the position of KS Klima-Service, a.s. on the market of the Czech Republic.
  • Obtaining the certificate ISO 9001.

  • Enlargement of development and design department.
  • Launching building-up of quality control system in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001.
  • Gaining strong market share in the range of filters for paint-shops and spray boxes.
  • Putting new adsorption equipment for catching sulfane from biogas into operation.
  • Obtaining the important export orders on the Polish and German markets.
  • Company presentation at the international fair ENVI Brno 98 and AQUATHERM Praha 1998 (already 5th jubilee participation).
  • Internet - creation of the company web pages: www.ksklimaservice.cz.

  • Commencement of the production of frame filters, development and placing new pre-filters with replaceable filtration medium.
  • Obtaining authorised exclusive agency of Swiss group LUWA a.s., office in Uster, for selling absolute filters and components for clean areas in the Czech Republic.
  • Completion of construction new storehouse hall in the industrial zone in Dobříš - Jezírka.
  • On the grounds of enhancing credibility and acquiring significant orders KS Klima-Service, a.s. - joint-stock company is established with capital stock of 1 mil. CZK. The joint-stock company KS Klima-Service assumed and further developed the production and supplier programme of the company ing. Jiří Beseda - KS Klima-Service.

  • Company management decides to launch its own production of pocket filters in all classes of filtration G3 - F9.
    Establishing sales agencies for Prague, Moravia and the Slovak Republic. Obtaining the certificate of the Czech Environmental Inspection for use of new technology of catching organic pollutants on activated carbon.
  • Launching the reactivation of activated carbon and providing complete service for adsorption systems with AU.
    Turnover increase in the line of filters for surface finish.
  • Finalisation of the reconstruction of rented production and storing premises in the industrial zone in Jezírka in the periphery of Dobříš and complete moving of the company.
    Services if the company expanded by supplies, assembly and service of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.
  • Incorporation and capital interest in the joint-stock company ASO HUMPOLEC. Formation of strong group of companies in the line of surface finish (varnishing, filtration, degreasing, galvanisation, jetting, conveyer systems, etc.). Supplies of filtration for common projects of the companies incorporated in ASO HUMPOLEC a.s.

  • Launching the first part of own production - filtration cut sizes - in dimensions required by customer.
  • Services extended by providing service, i.e. - replacement of filters at customer's and ensuring the distribution of filters by company cars.
  • Laying foundations for our own development and deliveries of filtration systems on the basis of adsorption on activated carbon.
  • Considerable increase of the company turnover, increase in comparison with 1994 by 130%.
  • Winning important orders for ŠKODA AUTO Mladá Boleslav, Janku Radotín and the Ruzyně Airport.

  • Extension of storing areas of the company, winning some important final customers in the line of deliveries of pocket and absolute filters.
  • The first presentation of the company at the international fair AQUATHERM Praha 1994

  • The company Ing. Jiří Beseda - KS Klima-Service founded as a natural person with office in Dobříš. The company acquired the exclusive agency of German company KS Klima Service GmbH seated in Maintal. The main activity of the firm was ensuring the import of air filters and filtration media and their distribution on the Czech and Slovak market.