Frame filters MA 12,5, MA 20, KS MA 25, KS MA 45

Frame filters MA 12,5, MA 20, KS MA 25, KS MA 45 Technical information (PDF 61,2 kB)

More layers of a special aluminium braided medium are inserted into an aluminium U-section frame. The filter medium is on both sides protected with a solid grid made of aluminium expanded metal.

Field of application: The separation of grease and oil aerosols in exhaust equipment of kitchens, bakehouses, smokehouses, barbecue grills. The separation of the coarsest dust particles in foundries, metallurgical works, and the steel industry.
Waste disposal: Landfilling.

Technical data according to EN 779MA 12,5MA 20MA 25MA 45
Filtration classG2G3G3G3
MaterialAluminium/stainless steel
Possibility of regenerationYes
Supply of material As required by customers
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)65-8080-9080-9080-90
Nominal air flow rate (m3/h) to 592 x 592 mm filter element3400340034003400
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)32455680
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)200200200200
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)200200200200

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram