Frame filter KS PL-5

Frame  filter KS PL-5 Technical information (PDF 46,2 kB)

The KS 15/60 filter medium is sewn on its sides and forms a bag to be put on a wire frame (5 mm).

Field of application: The filters are used in ceiling as well as wall-mounted air conditioning units and intake filter systems. Fancoil equipment, door screens.
Waste disposal: The filter medium should be disposed of by landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Technical data according to EN 779KS PL-5
Filtration classG2
MaterialSynthetic fibre
Possibility of regenerationyes - partially
Supply of material As required by customers
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)65-80
Nominal air flow rate m³/hour/m²5400
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)10
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)200
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)90

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram