Filtration cartridge KS KOPA with activated carbon

Filtration cartridge KS KOPA with activated carbon Technical information (PDF 64,4 kB)

Filtration cartridges KS KOPA with the possibility of refilling

The awareness of many companies concerning the protection of health of their colleagues against harmful substances, and the ever-increasing importance of active protection of the environment lead to the increased need of suitable filtration levels for inlet, circulation and waste air.

With the use of filtration cartridges KS KOPA with the refilling option, which can be filled by standard non-impregnated or specially impregnated activated carbon to collect harmful gases and odors, together with filters for mechanical separation of solid participles, it is possible to realize the ideal combination for a whole range of uses.

Design and the system description

The filtration system KS KOPA consists of a fitting frame and adsorption cartridges filled with activated carbon. The cartridge consists of two cylinders with different diameters, made of a special perforated metal sheet in anodized design. Inter-space, caused by the different cylinder diameters, determines the width of the activated carbon layer. The activated carbon is filled into this inter-space on the shaking device. The closed cartridge is equipped with a sealing, which ensures the gas-tight fitting in the base frame. Cartridges are attached to the base frame by three special bolts through a bayonet cap and thus create a stable filtration unit.

Technical data Meas. unit KS KOPA 450 KS KOPA 625 KS KOPA BIG
Flow volume m3/h up to 190 up to 190 1800
Pressure loss Pa up to130 up to 140 250
Cartridge diameter (external) mm 145 145 367
Cartridge length mm 450 625 1003
Activated carbon filling kg 2 2.8 23
Cartridge weight including AU kg 3.85 4.8 34
Adsorption capacity for CxHy % max. 25% max. 25% max. 25%

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram