Filter unit NG

Filter unit NG Technical information (PDF 65,4 kB)

The channel filtration unit NG is made of zinc-coated or stainless steel sheet and is suitable for installing into pipelines of all types for the absolute filtration of the inlet or waste air. The NG filtration units are stable and are especially suitable for the areas into which it is necessary to supply approx. 12,000 m3/h of the absolute filtered air. Due to the possibility of assembling the units fast and easily into variable sizes, they can be mounted in a number of KS filters.

Field of application: The areas with very high demands for cleanness - medicine, laboratories, pharmaceutical production, CD production, fine optics, nuclear engineering, electrotechnical industry, automotive industry, and hospital sterile zones.
Special design: The NG units according to the requirements of customers combined in larger systems, assembled and sealed in the production plant. The NG units are supplied zinc-coated or powder painted.

Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Type KSNG filter units
Line of products (Flow rate in m³/hour)KS NG-K, KS NG-T (Up to 4000)
Chamber structural depth (mm)550 - 750
Possibilities of filter installationNG-K design: CR ultrafilters (E10-U15) + FP-P pre-filters for fine dust
NG-T design: N ultrafilters (E10-U15) + KS-FP pre-filter for fine dust