Filter unit BK

Filter unit BK Technical information (PDF 69,2 kB)

The BK filtration units offer an ideal solution for filtering coarse or fine dust in pipelines of air handling systems of all types. The KS BK filter chambers are made of frame aluminium sections (framework) and their jacketing is made of zinc-coated steel sheet. They can also be supplied in the design for the outdoor environment.

Field of application: The inlet air into telecommunications central offices, hospital, pharmacy, electrotechnical plants, etc. The chambers in filtration class up to H13 are supplied in the case of high demands for cleanness and health care.

Type KSBK filter units
Line of products (Flow rate in m³/hour)KS BK 1 - BK 51 (1 000 - 51 000)
Chamber structural depth (mm)500 - approx. 2,000
Possibilities of filter installationThe filters are ideal for KS PAK bag filters, KS FP compact filters, metal filter elements, KS AFP elements with activated carbon, etc.
AdvantagesEasy integration into pipeline systems; Solid and stable construction; Modern method of mounting bag and compact filters in mounting frames; Ease of handling in the course of installation; Supplies include pressure gauges for pressure loss measurement; Compact filters can be installed, supplies of chamber with multistage filtration; Designing of chambers exactly according to instructions and requirements of customers.