Filter medium PPI 10/6, PPI 10/10

Filter medium PPI 10/6, PPI 10/10 Technical information (PDF 54,8 kB)

The medium is highly resistant to moisture and is fully regenerable. The structure of the PPI filter media (soft foam material) is resistant to stress and facilitates exceptionally high air intake-flow velocities at low pressure losses.

Field of application: They are used as pre-filters or the 1st stage of filtration in air conditioning and ventilation units.
Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Technical data according to EN 779PPI 10/6PPI 10/10
Filtration classG1G1
Possibility of regenerationYesYes
Supply of material Cut-to-size elements, sheetsCut-to-size elements, sheets
Separation efficiency (Am) (%)>50>50
Nominal air flow rate m³/hour/m²34003400
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)2025
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)200200
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)8080

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram