Dual-phase filters M6-F9

Dual-phase filters M6-F9 Technical information (PDF 57,5 kB)

Two-phase combination of filters consists of the KS FP filter for dust particles and KS AFP adsorption filter for gases separation mounted together in the KS RS mounting frames designed for this purpose. The flange sides of both filter elements are put together and the filters are clamped together in the KS RS mounting frame.

Field of application: Separation of fine dust and air-borne dust particles, harmful pollutants in the air (anthropogenic substances), smog, ozone, exhaust fumes from combustion and compression-ignition engines, kerosene, petrol, alcohol, and diluter vapours. The elimination of putrefactive, body, civilisation, hospital, and food odours.
Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration.

First filtration stageKS FP-M6KS FP-F7KS AFP-AZ
Filtration purposeparticlesparticlesgases (VOC's)
Filtration class according to EN 779M6F7-
Efficiency according to EN 77960 - 80%80 - 90%-
Separation efficiency for toluene--≥ 95%

Second filtration stageKS FP-F9KS AFP-AZKS AFP-AS
Filtration purposeparticlesgases (VOC's)acid gases
Filtration class according to EN 779 F9--
Efficiency according to EN 77998%--
Separation efficiency for toluene-≥ 95%-
Separation efficiency for SO2, HCl--≥ 95%

Total data for two-phase combination of filters (for 610 size)
Volume flow rate (m3/h) (standard useful life)425034003400
Initial pressure loss (Pa)250120120
Nominal flow rare (m3/h) (long useful life)340017001700
Initial pressure loss (Pa)1804045
Weight (kg) (including KS RS frame)13,115,618,1