Comprehensive solution

A comprehensive solution is used in applications, where the client requires turnkey filtration equipment as well as service work.

The areas of application cannot be exactly specified – these solutions can be used to filter atmospheric dust, gaseous pollutants or a combination thereof.

The concept is the classic extracted painting wall complemented by multi-stage filtration and an air supply unit. The painting wall is modular and is available in working lengths from 1000 mm and a working height of 1000 or 2000 mm.

For smaller operations, we also offer painting desks with dimensions starting at 1200x2000x1200 (WxHxD). These units do not include an air supply unit. The advantage of these units, however, is the possibility of ordering without installation. You can install them yourself and save costs.

All unit types are equipped with 2-stage filtration with the possibility of installing carbon filters for gaseous pollutants.
The first filtration stage is used to collect most of the excess paint. This filter is replaced most often. It is a folded paper filter.
The second filtration stage (G3) collects the remaining particles that pass through the paper filter.
The third stage consists of a fine dust filter (filtration class F7) and carbon cartridges. Carbon filtration is used to separate odours and harmful substances from paints with organic solvents. Water-based paints do not require carbon filtration.

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