Compact filtration cells KS FP V3

Compact filtration cells KS FP V3 Technical information (PDF 60,2 kB)

The new compact filter KS FP-V3 is specially designed to collect fine-grain dust and aerosols on air inlets into office buildings, shopping centers, industrial halls, painting lines and is also used as a pre-filter for air conditioning units for health institutions and clean spaces. Filters KS FPV3 are ideal for places requiring large airflow volume and long service life, as well as excellent separability in the filtration class M6 – F9 /according to EN 779/.

The compact KS FP-V3 consists of a robust plastic frame, in which high minipleats are tightly embedded. The unique construction of the filter enabled us to significantly decrease the initial pressure loss and the filter has low economic costs at full load.

Filters KS FP-V3 are suitable for all common fitting frames for pocket filters. All filter parameters meet the requirements stipulated in EN 779. The plastic design and separators made of glass fibers or polypropylene allow easy disposal – the filter is completely combustible.

Technical specification of the mediumfilter KS FP V3
FrameRobust plastic (copolymer ABS)
Operational conditionsmax. relative air humidity 100 %, heat resistance up to 65 °C, short-term heat resistance up to80 °C
Separatorsthermoplastic (Minipleat)
Filtration medium– paper of glass fibers, arranged into minipleat
– resistance to humidity
Filtration area17 m2 (minipleat height 32 mm)
Disposal of used filtersDumping or burning in suitable waste incineration plants
Filtration class according to EN 779M6, F7, F9
Size series (mm)592 × 287 × 292
592 × 490 × 292
592 × 592 × 292
287 × 287 × 292 – atypical size

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram