Compact filter elements KS FP H10-H13

Compact filter elements KS FP H10-H13 Technical information (PDF 66,7 kB)

The compact filter elements in filtration classes E10, E11, E12, and H13 provide a new solution for microparticles filtration. Advantages: high flow rate, standard dimensions (as bag filters), and the possibility of mounting the filters in standard frames of air conditioning units, while meeting high demands for cleanness.

Field of application: They are used as after-filters or microparticles pre-filters in air conditioning and ventilation units of all types.
Waste disposal: Incineration without emission of harmful pollutants.
NT = standard temperature; HT special design for high temperatures - not available for KS FP M6

Technical data according to EN 1822KS FP
Filtration classE10E11E12H13
MaterialGlass submicron filter paper
Possibility of regenerationNo
Supply of material 592 x 592, 287 x 592, 490 x 592, 402 x 592
Mean efficiency degree (gravimetric) (%)96100100∼ 100
Mean efficiency degree (atmospheric) (%)989998,8099,98
Nominal air flow rate (m3/h)3400300030002000
Initial pressure loss at nominal load (Pa)140155260180
Recommended final pressure loss (Pa)450450450450
Maximum thermal resistance (max °C)NT = 75; HT = 120

Pressure loss diagram
Pressure loss diagram