Comments / References

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(3) The content of the artificial test dust acording to EN 779 is stated as follows: the test dust "Air Cleaner Fine" 72% weight the soot "Molocco" 23% weight cotton "linter" 5% weight The composition and the properties which cannot be compared to natural Middle European outside aerosol. The measured results of the dust sedimentation according to EN 779 cannot be used for the calculation of the life expactancy with natural outside air aerosols.

(4) For filters of the group H it is allowed to make a test of leakage using so called "stream test" with oil mist according to EN 1822-4, amendment A. The testing part is mounted onto the chamber and the air flow with a high content of parafin oil is entering the filter. The exit part of the filter is lighted by a lamp in a dark room. There is no leakage if there are not any streams visualy recognisable on the dark backround.

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