Adsorption filter with active carbon AFP

Adsorption filter with active carbon AFP Technical information (PDF 58,7 kB)

The KS AFP compact filters provide an excellent solution for removing molecular pollutants and improvement of the quality of the inlet and circulating air in the air conditioned buildings. The filter frame is made of recycled non-flammable halogenless polystyrene, the filter medium is sealed in the frame with polyurethane.

Field of application: Microelectrotechnical industry, airports, hotels, restaurants, administrative buildings, museums, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, and smog gases.
Waste disposal: The filters contaminated with the outdoor air should be disposed of by incineration or landfilling. The filters contaminated with toxic or radioactive gases should be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Technical data according to EN 779KS AFP
Dimensions series592 x 592 x 300
287 x 592 x 300
490 x 592 x 300
402 x 592 x 300
Used active carbonSpecial filter medium made of synthetic fibres with very small particles of adsorbent. The AFP-AA, AFP-AS filters contain impregnated adsorbent, the AFP AZ filter contains non-impregnated adsorbent.
Examples of the adsorption, separation of harmful pollutantsExhaust fumes, diluter and solvent vapours, body odours, cosmetic odours, hospital odours, kitchen odours, food odours, etc.