Active carbon - non-impregnated

Active carbon - non-impregnated Technical information (PDF 60,4 kB)

Activated carbon formed by cylindrical granules with a diameter of 3 - 4 mm and length of 4 - 8 mm. High resistance to abrasion, ideal for the adsorption of organic hydrocarbons and odours.

Field of application: Adsorption of odours and harmful gases.
Use: Used in KS KOPA and KS BD systems and filter cases.

Technical data according to EN 779Non-impregnated activated carbon
Dimensions series25 kg bags, 500 kg Big Bag
Possibility of regenerationYes - thermal reactivation
AppearanceShaped carbon, granules, diameter of approx. 4 mm
Tap density 450 ± 25 kg/m3
Iodine number min. 1 050 mg/g
Moisture content at packing 6 % max.
CCl4 adsorption70 % min.