Active carbon - impregnated

Active carbon - impregnated Technical information (PDF 51,9 kB)

Impregnated granular activated carbon is used for the adsorption of gases and vapours that are adsorbed by standard activated carbon very little or are not adsorbed at all. This applies to low-molecular and polar substances with a low concentration and toxic effects. The complex chemical reaction of a harmful pollutant with an impregnating agent brings about the removal of the substance from the air - harmful gases are chemically bonded to the impregnating agent in activated carbon (chemical adsorption). When it is required to separate various harmful pollutants in one unit at the same time, it is necessary to design a multi-stage filtration unit with activated carbon impregnated at various levels.

Use: Used in KS KOPA and KS BD systems.
Waste disposal: Eco-friendly disposal according to applicable standards and laws.

Technical data according to EN 779Impregnated activated carbon
Dimensions series25 - 30 kg bags or barrels
Possibility of regenerationNo