Activated carbon

Non-impregnated activated carbon in the form of cylindrical granules with a diameter of 3–4 mm and a length of 4–8 mm. High resistance to abrasion, ideal for the adsorption of organic hydrocarbons and odours. Suitable for repeated reactivation, which we provide.

Impregnated granular activated carbon is used for the adsorption of gases and vapours that are adsorbed by standard activated carbon very little or are not adsorbed at all. These are low-molecular and polar substances with a low concentration and toxic effects. Harmful gases are chemically bound to the impregnating agent in activated carbon (chemisorption).

Uses: Adsorption of odours, harmful gases.

Field of application: For use in KS KOPA, KS BD systems, filter cartridges.

Activated carbon – non-impregnated
Activated carbon – impregnated
Reactivation of activated carbon, service, filter disposal

Compact unit with activated carbon KS BD, filtration system KS KOPA
Filter units KS BD BIG
SULOFF desulphurisation unit

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