Absolute filter JG, JKG

Absolute filter JG, JKG Technical information (PDF 57 kB)

The special circular filters JG and JKG are made of glass submicron filter paper that is folded into a pleat and sealed in two-sided collars made of PU or stainless steel. The filters are also made in a compact design including jacketing (JKG). The jacketing can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The filters enable loading of up to 14,000 Pa at flow rates of 80 to 150 m3/h.

Field of application: All areas of air handling and distribution where it is necessary to filter a small quantity of air with a high efficiency of filtration, i.e. inlets and outlets of laboratories, chemical plants, medicinal gases cleaning, nuclear engineering, etc.
Waste disposal: Landfilling or incineration in authorised incineration plants.

Technical data according to EN 1822JG a JKG
Filtration classH13-H14
MaterialGlass microfibre filter medium
Possibility of regenerationNo
Supply of material From Ø 155 mm to Ø 300 mm
Filter frameThe metal cover collars are made of aluminium or stainless steel.
SeparatorsThe separators are formed by hot-melt adhesive.
SealsThe filter is equipped with a rubber collar or standardised screwed connection for connecting to the pipeline (e.g. for medicinal gases).
QualityH13 = oil mist seepage test
H14 = ULPACATS laser test certificate - for extra charge